May We Introduce Ourselves?

We here at Pumpkin Ridge Zip Tour truly believe that if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. And if you genuinely enjoy your work – it will shine through in the experience provided. Pumpkin Ridge Zip Guides are carefully chosen for their passion, their kindness, their career aspirations and their life experience. We’re a rag-tag mix of Facilitators, Camp Directors, Writers, Teachers, Nurses, Photographers, Mountaineers, Therapists – you name it.

And we’re all here because we believe that connecting with people will change the world – little by little, one person at a time.

Ben Roberts
Ben RobertsSite Manager
Ben joined Pumpkin Ridge in the fall of 2014 and was asked to be Site Manager very soon after. With years of experience managing Challenge Courses and chasing after three young boys at home – he’s an awesome asset to Pumpkin Ridge.
Alex Moore
Alex MooreLead Guide | Trainer
Joining us from across the pond, Alex brings over a decade of experience in the training of practitioners on both Challenge Courses and Zip Tours. If you want an exciting tour, just request to have Alex lead with his “American Accent” or casually bring up Guy Fawkes in the coversation.
Colin Koach
Colin KoachLead Guide
Splitting his time between Professional Facilitation and Guiding, Colin brings a wealth of experience in managing group dynamics. Rumor has it he likes to either rap or burst out in song throughout his tours… you’ve been warned.

SUPER POWER: Ability to turn anything and everything into a game

Amy Watson
Amy WatsonLead Guide
Amy also comes with a background in Training and Professional Facilitation. She splits her time managing the Challenge Course at Camp Tilikum and guiding here at Pumpkin Ridge.

SUPER POWER: A Master at Vacuuming

Lilah Toland
Lilah TolandLead Guide
With a history and background working in Professional Facilitation as well as with youth of all backgrounds, Lilah is an amazing addition. She splits her time between guiding here at Pumpkin Ridge and working as a Food Pantry Coordinator in Portland.

Kyle Bruser
Kyle BruserLead Guide
Kyle is what we like to call a “Swiss Army Knife” – he has experience designing and building zip tours and adventure parks and training practitioners at other sites. He’s also our go-to guy for everything “gear” related.

Luke Ward
Luke WardLead Guide
With a passion for rock climbing and theater, Luke brings an incredible presence to the tour. When he’s not guiding, he’s most likely spending time looking for snow on Mt. Hood or helping to build new Challenge Courses, Zip Tours or Adventure Parks as a part of the Synergo Build Team.

SUPER POWER: Invisibility… he’s actually at Pumpkin Ridge all the time

Kylie Martin
Kylie MartinGuide
An Oregon native, Kylie joins us from the Adventure Park world. Currently finishing up her Bachelors in Biology and Psychology, she chooses to spend her free time playing in the trees with us.

SUPER POWER: Keeping her super power a secret.

Niky Poole
Niky PooleGuide
Niky juggles her time between guiding out at Pumpkin Ridge, facilitating youth programs and acting as Residential Counselor out at Chemawa Indian School.

SUPER POWER: A Lightning Smile (Ask her about it)

David Reich
David ReichLead Guide
David began guiding with us this season with a background in Challenge Course Management. He brings years of experience in program development and construction management.
Jo Linden
Jo LindenLead Guide
With a background in facilitation and environmental education, Jo is pursuing her Masters in Science Teaching with a focus on Ecology and Sustainability. She is our official resident bird whisperer and plant expert.

Melissa Cramer
Melissa CramerGuide
Melissa joins us as an intern finishing her senior capstone from Portland State University.
Erik Marter | CEO
Erik Marter | CEO
Jennifer Marter | CFO
Jennifer Marter | CFO

If you’re interested in the Development and Construction of Zip Tours, or curious about Management and Guiding – we’d love to chat! Please don’t hesitate to reach out: | 971.371.3895