The closest Zip Line Tour to Portland, Oregon – Pumpkin Ridge Zip Tour is one of the most intentionally designed tours in the U.S.


We truly believe that Pumpkin Ridge Zip Tour is one of the most well-designed zip line tours in the Pacific Northwest (Yes, we’re a bit biased). But don’t worry, we have our reasons. First of all, we start you off low and slow. Your first zip line will be only 15 feet off the ground. But as you progress through the tour, each line will gradually grow longer, fast and higher. By the end, you’ll be standing on a suspension bridge 120 feet high looking down at the tops of our Douglas Firs. Depending on the pace of each group, most tours last 2.5 hours.


Pumpkin Ridge Zip Tour is the closest zip line tour to Portland, Oregon with just a 35 minutes drive west of the city.


We believe that the more we invest in our staff, the better experience you’ll be given. Which is why we take incredible care in hand picking our team each season. Guides are chosen based on high ropes or professional facilitation experience, their ability to empathize with people of all abilities, their career aspirations and, of course, life experience. We understand that we are asking you to trust us to take care of you in the trees and we do not take that lightly.


Pumpkin Ridge Zip Tour is a great place to either check off your bucket list, to conquer your fear of heights or to impress a certain someone. We are honored to work with people of all abilities, fears, expectations and backgrounds.


A true Northwesterner never shies away from a little bit of cold. Even though the summer months are our busiest season, we do have tours available year round (even during Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks). You may notice that tours are available online only from March through October, however if you’re curious about taking a tour during November through February, please give our office a call at 971.371.3895. We suggest that you plan at least a week ahead of your desired tour day during these fall and winter months. Hot chocolate is definitely included…